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In My Chair - Portraits of Friends and Clients at the Studio

'In My Chair' is a collection of portraits taken at my studio the past several months.  I usually start each session at the studio before venturing to a location;  my studio has a great feel and the music is usually pumping loud through my Bose system.  It's fun to ask the model/subject to DJ tunes with their mobile device ... the first few minutes, whether your professional or not, is always a bit uncomfortable. chair is a great pl to let the magic begin...hence...In My Chair.


Click read more to see the series.


Photography Lighting Natural Light - Light Chasing

Chasing the Light is something I have talked about for the past couple of years.  The one thing constant when shooting is there will always be available light;  a constant light source.  Most newbie shooters want to jump into off camera flash and forget that half of the image comes from an available light source.  I start by hunting interesting light that's taking place and add additional light as needed;  that is called "Light Chasing."  Training your eye to see refections, hard vs. soft, shadows, etc. takes time.  Walk around like a detective the next time you do some street light and search for light.  Watch the video!

Photography Tips - Natural Light Chasing Technique from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.


Wedding Photography - Barbie and Ken? WTF!



IErica Djeko Olsen,  a DJ from NY/LA, showed me this hilarious blog post of a Barbie and Ken wedding.  I'm not a wedding photography for a reason...the blog post by got me laughing my ass.  I recently shot a wedding only because the couple specifically wanted something different.  The stereotypical wedding photography was not what the client wanted...I think rock-n-roll wedding bride's post does a great job in trying to tell photographers and couples getting married to move away from the typical cheese.  It's time photographers step up their game in terms of artistry.  I know that weddings are big business and create jobs for a lot of people armed with cameras.  The reason for this post is to encourage photographers to be unique and not be typical.  Put your unique spin on what's right for each individual/couple.  



I recently did a shoot for a client who wa completly opposed to the typical and bad cheese crap that floods the market with bad wedding photography.  I hope this inspires great photography...if I can inspire one wedding dude or chick to not do horrible wedding then I know I am doing something right.  Feel free to contact me or post your honest opinion...


OH!  I leave you with some fun stuff I did in Vegas for a couple last weekend who did want "cheese."




Approach and Work with Models Tag Along in LA - Nov. 9-10

Learn how I approach and find models in this two day Tag Along in Los Angeles, CA   November 9-10


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The Light Weekly Workout - w/Mikey

The Lightenupandshoot Light Workout


(set-up shot...I love seeing set-ups)

Little did I know four years ago that the Lightenupandshoot philosophy would inspire so many people around the world, take me down a seemingly never ending path of adventure and give me access to exclusive groups of people.  I originally started LUAS to document my journey living in a foreign country and to show that an ex-mortgage professional could achieve success outside the world of finance.


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Handheld HDR in Amsterdam - Lightenupandshoot Style

Hand held HDR (3 frames) of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.  Photograph and detailed description by Dennis Van read more for the full Dutch Skinny.


'The Gordon' Flash Strap


'The Gordon' Flash Strap
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