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I finally fold and buy the Fuji X100

The earth would need to spin a few more times before I experienced the X100;  talking about missing the hype.  It seemed as though every blogger and photog in the industry was raving about this little beast called the X100 by Fujifilm over a year ago.  I must admit that my initials thoughts were "the hell with a small camera with only a fixed lens.  That camera will never compete with my D700."  But the sexy looks of a vintage 35mm and portability had me thinking I need to explore this camera first hand.  First, I dove deep into Zack's post and other blogger dudes to see what all the hype was about. 


Conviced that the X100 was the compact camera for me (over the pricey XPRO1), I rolled the dice and bought a used one off Ebay for $810 which included the lens hood, filters, leather 1/2 case, extra battery and leather strap.  Yesterday, I felt like a little kid with excitement as I plopped out of bed at daybreak to test drive my new X100.  I blazed out the door with rain jacket in hand and throttled over to downtown Fort Worth with a @$%&* grin on my face.  Thanks to the internets I was prepped and prepared with all menus and functions familiarized.  If you want to skip my ramblings and check out my 500px story click here.  READ MORE


How to find a model in 5 words...glimpse into the past

A great video from the past! "How to find a model in 5 words or less."   I started LUAS to document my journey as a photographer. Andy was there at the beginning to assist in creating entertaining pieces and provide the technical wizardry in blog posts.  Like all good things in life, things must come to an end and people go into different directions.  I haven't worked with Andy in over a year, but the Lightenupandshoot philosophy still is very much alive. 


I continue to grow as a photographer and as an educator.  I not only make inspiring videos that show me doing what I love, but I also invite other photographers to shoot with me on one of my Tag Alongs.  A Tag Along is where several photographers join me on a photography adventure;  we shoot, we have fun, we talk shop, we go gear crazy, we shoot models, and we all learn.  


I'm re-vamping the LUAS site to make it better over the next few's a bit outdated and in need of an overhaul; I'm no web guru and need a a little help (Joomla guys help me get this thing looking better...hahahaa!!).  Stay tuned for more exciting things to come:  more inspiring videos, gear reviews, adventure stories, technical tips/tricks and my creative thought process.  


Enjoy this blast from the past!


Street Photography - Lightenupandshoot Light

When I have mentoring Tag Along Workshops, it's a fairly intense two days.  There's generally class in the mornings held in a studio where I cover light, gear, working with models, and subtle manipulation of light (creative).  It's the subtle details that make the difference in photography.  To take your photography to a whole other level you need to be able to translate your creative vision which is a combination of gear, technical and the creative.  You can learn gear and technical crap all over the internet, the one thing that we all have inside of us is a creative side,  but sometimes it takes a little coaxing to bring out your individual style and translate your vision into an image. 


How many Youtube videos inspire you or show you how to work the creative or how to build chemistry with your model/subject?   I'm having several Mentoring Workshops in the upcoming months that will not be all about "speed lights," instead it will be about finding your creative artistry through shooting. Be prepared for a photographic journey and an experience will change they way you shoot.


I'll be traveling with a  Fuji X100 with a fixed 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) and a few modifiers like a scrim/reflector.  This will be the first time I have a workshop that will be about taking your photography to whole new level that doesn't involve speed lights or strobes.  The only thing you will need is a camera learn to be a light chaser, and how to properly coach a model.  With this knowledge you can begin to tell a story through your lens and discover new experience right in your own backyard. 



See More Images...READ MORE


Colombia prepares for wave of tourism - Tag Along Colombia!

Awesome! "The answer is Colombia" a new campaign to let Colombians know that the flood gates of tourism is coming. Next will be an international campaign designed to attract tourism/investors. The answer is to admit there were problems in the past, but now the country is safe and ready to share it's beauty with the world.


If you want to join me on my next Tag Along in Colombia send me an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Adventure, culinary experiences that can only be found in Colombia, experience the rich finca (ranch) lifestyle in the coffee region, rainforest and exotic beach locations. Sure we'll take some amazing photographs; but you'll experience an amazing country in style. I have been here for almost four years and I have made the connections and have discovered a few gems that haven't been discovered by tourism. Watch this video.

tag along palermo 2012 from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.


The Lightenupandshoot Crib

Check out the Lightenupandshoot Crib in Colombia.  Day three of the Tag Along with Mikey.


The photographers from Canada and the US have been doing the majority of the shooting the past few days.  I'm going to post some of their photos later.  Here's one I took yesterday of a girl living along the river bank of Rio Cauca  (Claudia and her dog, Paco)



You want to shoot like this? YOU CAN!!!

You want to take your photography to a creative level?  Join me Aug 16-22 in South America, Colombia.  This is where I cut my teeth in photography.  I'm going to share my unique formula for 6 days in the cultural beauty of Colombia.  There is one spot and shoot in style!!!  $500 deposit reserves your spot.  You may also email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up a phone call so I can give you all the details.  -M


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