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-manipulating light

-how to pose models



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Mikey's Corner coming soon!

For a long time I have been wanting to create a special members only section called Mikey's Corner.  This is where I engage with a select few that are inspired by what I do.  You will have access to videos that will not be public, live chats, tag alongs, photo critiques, gear reviews and a whole host of other free goodies that will not be on the regular LUAS site!  So sign up here if you haven't already done so...


A few days ago I went to the Texas State Fair to make a video on Off-Camera flash photography with my new Fuji X100.  While getting warmed up before the video, camera operator Joe Chuang, asked me a few he was curious about.  The questions were fairly interesting so I decided to turn into a video. READ MORE


Inspiration - Realestate Guy Turned Photographer

Michael "Mikey" Thompson, once a real-estate guru, discusses how he dramatically changed his career path after the US economy went south in 2008.  It's an inspirational story that proves that anything is possible.  Mikey firmly believes that if you want something badly enough, "You can do it too!"


If you are interested in travel/adventure, taking your photography to a higher level, be sure to check out Mikey during one of his all access Tag Alongs:

Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Cartagena (click here)



Fuji X100 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As a professional photographer, the $830  I spent for a used Fuji X100 could be better spent on something that I really need.  Before I get into the Good, the Bad and the Ugly,  let me say that the X100 is way cool camera for all the reasons you probably have already read about.  I was so excited to have a hip looking camera that could possibly free me of my larger DSLR and lenses.  I was looking forward to having a camera that made me think more creatively and could produce stunning images that would shine in my portfolio.  I'm I keep it or send it up on a rocket? 




Natural light video and headshot techniques


While going through almost 200 videos that are on the Lightenupandshoot Youtube Channel I re-discovered a great video on natural light.  Scrims, what aperture to use, reflectors, using your environment, the look away technique, location hunting, shadows, white balance and some headshot tips.


"Mikey's Corner" is coming soon!  This will be a page dedicated to followers that are interested in engaging with me in a much more in-depth way.  Longer videos, live critiques/conversation, gear reviews and much more!  Sign up here.




'The Marilyn' Flash Strap

Introducing 'The Marilyn' Flash Strap which is an essential piece of gear I've been using for the past two years for every shoot.  Some of the benefits:


-Protects your investment (speed lights and triggers)

-Disperses more even light

-Elminates PC cables for most triggers

-Portion of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Fund for Breast Cancer Research 

The Marilyn FlashStrap

Order details below:

Click here if ordering from the US: 


Click here if ordering from Canada/Europe: 


Gear secrets, Approaching and Technical - Lightenupandshoot Style

Lightenupandshoot is all about getting out and having fun with photography.  You don't need a ton of expensive gear to get amazing results or to have fun with photography.  It starts in your own backyard with an idea of what you want to shoot.  Grab your significant other, friend or family member and visit some place for the weekend with your camera or with your version of the Backpacker Studio.   Focus on people, the location, story telling and having fun...the vision or idea for photographs will happen. 


In this video I show you my minimal gear set up when I'm having fun on a weekend gettaway.  At the end I show photographs that were taken with a mixture of natural light or a one light set up.  Easy peasy!  


I have several mentoring Tag Along Workshop coming up. Email me for a list of details This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    If you can't make one of my travel workshops then you can learn my techniques at home with the Vbook (videos and a detailed pdf that covers everything!)  Buy Here


You can see all of my images at 500px here,  or view sample when you click READ MORE below.  The story created in 500px is one of my favorites,  this is how I love to tell a story and share these images with my friends/family.

'The Gordon' Flash Strap


'The Gordon' Flash Strap
Protects flashes and triggers. Disperses light evenly.
The V-Book

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Over 2 Hours of Video & Text!
Learn photography in total lightenupandshoot style!
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