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Shooting with Others (Part 1) - LUAS Style

I love shooting with other photographers;  the past couple of years I have shot with countless pro and non-pro photographers around the world.  Primarily I shoot with other photographers looking to improve their skills and I'm happy to be a mentor and source of inspiration.  I too have several mentors that have helped me from many aspects of the business;  it's an important part of the progression as a photographer and just important to be a mentor one day to other photographers that are beginning their own journey as a photographer. Yesterday I shot with a peer and friend, Jeff Medlin:


Jeff Medlin (image left)                                            Michael Thompson (image right)



Shooting with alongside a peer that has their "chops" and the ability to produce their vision is a different experience.  I highly recommend finding other photographers that are on your same playing field so to speak, so you can get out and enjoy a day of good ole fashion shooting.  That's exactly what I did yesterday with Jeff Medlin from Dallas, Texas.    READ MORE


Two Singhs and a Camera Thank You

I was in Singapore last year shooting a client and I gave a workshop.  Today I stumbled across this video testimonial that brought back memories of Singapore.  First,  these guys are hilarious and really talented photographers.  I hope to get back to that side of the world in 2013. 


Traveling broadens the mind and has also been a huge part of my growth as a photographer.  Whenever I feel as though I'm in a photographic rut, I plan the next trip and adventure.  My next trip is Cartagena, Colombia (The Jewell of the Caribbean) December 28-January 3.  Shoot me an email if you'd like details on this adventure. 

Shot I did for a client while in Singapore (former Miss Singapore).



Off Camera Flash Photography - Outside the Box

My approach to photography has changed in many ways since the inception of Lightenupandshoot back in 2009.   I still very much have a minimalist approach to gear and post processing.  I'm primarily a JPEG shooter, prime lens and one light kind of guy.   If you are a pixel peeper, don't read any might be better suited for one of the flickr groups where brick walls are the photos and lots of banter about which piece of gear is better.  This post is about thinking outside the box and rocking what others would call a "mistake."


READ MORE  (warning - not a pixel peeper article)


The Unknown, The Dangerous, The Mysterious - Photography Adventure

Earlier this year I went with three adventurous photographers through two very different coffee regions of Colombia. Our 10 day trip would take us from Medellin to Salento.  We filmed the entire adventure;  we shot everything...the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny stuff that happened along the way.  A few hundred GB's later, I'm starting to have a really cool video series that I will release to LUAS members.  Enjoy this little excerpt from day 2:



Lightenupandshoot Tour and Adventure

Join International photographer, Michael Thompson, on a Tag Along.  Michael wants to share his unique approach to photography and go on an photography experience that is more than just photography.  Learn his creative approach to working with models, technical creative, minimalist gear approach and how to develop your personal style of photography.  You don't need to be a pro or have any prior knowledge of light/gear/photography to take your photography to an entirely new level while experiencing an amazing journey. 

Dallas, Texas   October 20-21

Los Angeles, CA  October 26-27  & 28th (optional private mentoring to work on your own unique style)

Atlanta, GA   November  10-11


Cartagena (jewell of the caribbean) Tag Along - December 28 - January 3


Click on dates for registration and information.


Flash "The Gordon" Strap by Lightenupandshoot

"The Gordon" Flash Strap is an essential piece of gear that I have been using for the past two years for every shoot.  It's simpe:

-protects your investment (speed lights and triggers)

-disperses more even light

-elminates PC cables for most triggers

If you would like to purchase these amazing straps click here



'The Gordon' Flash Strap


'The Gordon' Flash Strap
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