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nude shots by michael thompson - WARNING

I'm an adventure photographer, author, film maker and mentor.  I thought I would take you into a brief glimpse into one of many projects that I am working on.  See Below.  2013 schedule is almost complete:  I will be traveling the west coast, Europe and Asia.  Keep a look out for my tag alongs or special events as I will be hitting the road like a rockstar soon.


Most people that follow me know that I have never posted nude images.  My main reason is that I never had much interest and to be careful what the camera industry thinks of me.  I'm realizing that none of that matters;  so I'm just going to be me and share that world with everyone.  Click below to see the images and a killer behind the scenes video.  You have been warned...this isn't typical Mikey;  there's a bit of art and tasteful nudity.


Every few months I go through an experimental process where I try new things (gear, subject matter, expand technically and creatively).  I am creating a new platform to share with a select few all of my thought process, secrets and what motivates me.  That project will more than likely be called slinkygenius and will be launched in the near future.  Be sure to sign up as a member on this site and I will send you a link when the project is complete.  Until then,  please email me or comment...I love feedback and I almost always respond.  Please don't ask me to look at your might be better suited to join me during one of my events for mentoring.


If you are offended by nudity.  Please don't click below.


Gear Review - New Product to be Released Dec 5th

I sometimes get asked to test products for various companies in the photography industry.  If you know anything about my style,  I don't praise or sugar coat anything unless I use it.  I will say this:  This product rocks.  It will be an essential piece of gear in my arsenal.  December 5th is the official release date.  Giveaway details to come and I'm making a video.  Photoshoot is this weekend!!! 


Did I mention there will be a giveaway????  The company making this product has sent me a few extras to giveaway!!!!  So,  tweet it, stomp real loud and spread the word.  #lightenupandshoot  #slinkygenius  #mikeysgear  come to mind.  My twitter is lightenupshoot and facebook is lightenupandshoot.



Cartagena Tag Along Dec 28 - Jan 3

Join me in Cartagena December 28-January 3




Photography Adventure Tag Along with Mikey Behind the Scenes

I love travel, shooting with others and new experiences.  I recently was in Los Angeles shooting with pretty awesome people into photography.  Check out the behind the scenes video and if you want details on my schedule of events sign up for schedule of events or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it     The next Tag Along is in Cartagena, Colombia December 28-Jan 3rd. 


What can you expect?  Fun, minimalist approach to photography equipment that doesn't break the bank, my approach to finding/working with models and learn on the technical made easy (I'm no camera scientist).  In fact,  if you are a pixel peeper...hit the back button now! 







Gordon Flash Strap Update - Lightenupandshoot

**More Even Light when used with a softbox or umbrella

**Protects your speed light and radio trigger


Two months ago I released a limited run of the Gordon Flash Strap.  First,  I want to say thank you to all of the people around the world that have purchased the product.  This is the first time I have designed, manufactured and produced a product for photography.  READ MORE about the product:  it's advantages and what others are saying...



Alien Bees B1600 - Mikey is letting his go

The Alien Bees B1600 has been my primary workhorse for about two years.  I first started using speedlights and then realized the importance of power.  You need power so there aren't limitations when shooting in bright conditions.  This B1600 has traveled around the world and has helped me take some amazing photos.  I was talking with the Tag Along group when I was in LA a few weeks ago and mentioned I was going to sell the B1600.  Someone mentioned I should throw it up on the site and give someone a chance to buy a piece of Lightenupandshoot history.  Well,  here it is! 

Ebay Item HERE



'The Gordon' Flash Strap


'The Gordon' Flash Strap
Protects flashes and triggers. Disperses light evenly.
The V-Book

Click Here to Buy Now! 

Over 2 Hours of Video & Text!
Learn photography in total lightenupandshoot style!
LUAS Tshirts


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