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Backpacker Studio 2013 Workshop Tour / Tag Along

New Workshop Dates:


Tampa  *  Miami  *  Atlanta  *  Dallas  *  LA  *  San Fransico  *  London  *  Amsterdam  *  Medellin  *  NYC


My events are unique in that I call each person attending personally to find out their goals and expectations.  I then custom tailor an individual plan for each person prior to the event.  I share my the tricks of the trade that most pros won't share when it comes to cinematic lighting, working with subjects and post production.  This is an intimate, creative, fun, outside the box thinking workshop with a lot of ONE on ONE time.   


If you want an opportunity to meet great people with common interest spent shooting while enhancing your photography goals, then this is an event for you.   I also allow each attendee to bring their spouse at no extra charge.  On top of all that, the workshop is 100% guaranteed (if you aren't happy by the end of the first day, no questions asked refund).   Click for more details...




Pawn Stars Shoot and BTS of Lightenupandshoot Miami Workshop

Photography can take you down so many unpredictable paths;  I had an awesome weekend in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami!  While hanging in Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale I ran into the Pawn Star dudes and like the ham that I am, I had my photo taken with them.  Drew Blood had his new Nikon D600 armed with a grip and 85mm 1.8.  The following two days I gave my mentoring/workshop in Miami.  The mentoring starts with a telephone conversation with me prior to the event.  I discuss with each attendee their specific goals and go over expectations.  The Lightenupandshoot Events aren't your standard workshop;  there is a lot of one on one time and a lot of shooting over two days. 


What does the workshop look like? 

We meet the first day in a comfortable studio and nail down the technical aspects of lighting.  If you have never picked up a light or you're a lighting expert you will learn my creative approach to light which will open up new doors in creativity.  Then we cover how to approach models/subjects.  My unique way of constantly moving and communicating with models to get "the shot."  After lunch we go to an awesome location and shoot models/subjects that we meet during the workshop.  In a typical day each attendee will approach and shoot about 20 people.  Each time I will be there coaching you through various lighting techniques and exploring different creative ideas all while you direct the subject/assistant.  It's fun and an intense experience.


Shoot me a line if you'd like to talk or sign up for one of the events near you:  (limited space available at each event).    Also, I have set up a Lightenupandshoot Event Group on Facebook.  Here you can ask questions about hotel/airfare deals, which gear to bring and talk with other attendees (CLICK HERE)


Miami Tag Along BTS Video from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.



Photography Tips - Natural Light Chasing Technique by Lightenupandshoot - I have a limited number of creative photography workshops around the globe in 2013.  It's more than just listening to me speak about light, it's a chance to spend a lot of one on one time with me before and during the event.  Whether you want to learn how to light, work with models, develop your unique style or just have an adventure this is the opportunity.

Photography Tips - Natural Light Chasing Technique from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.

Enjoy the video that goes over one of my best secrets: starting with natural light gives me a chance to warm up and build chemistry with the model. Later I can break out the big lights once my model is comfortable and I have a better idea of the vision. It's also an exercise in learning how to better control the ambient light.


Posing and Light - Lightenupandshoot Style

Subtle changes in "Light" and "Pose" can give a totally different look and help build confidence with your subjects.  One of my secrets in developing an "eye" is to explore light and posing possibilities.  Let's explore further...

The shot of the left was the what I envisioned.  I used a white fabric scrim instead of a reflector to just give a hint of fill and softer fill (I liked the contrast for this shot) and asked Vivi to "fix" her hair.  I knew there would be some movement and I pulled the trigger when my "eye" saw the shot.  Knowing when something looks good is the key;  I see a lot of photographers just "spraying and praying" and not really thinking about the final outcome.  I think the digital era is to blame for this.  Film guys didn't have the luxury of looking at the view finder;  they had to rely on their vision and instinct.   

Instinctively I knew I had the shot but decided to shoot a few more for "safety."  I asked her to do more of the hair playing thing but she lost the vibe after the first time I asked.  Sometimes when you ask a model to do something a bit unnatural you may only have one go at it.   I also had my assistant bring in a silver reflector (2nd shot on right)  It was too polished looking for my taste and the vibe was gone.  The hard light from the silver reflector changed the feel completely.

Sometimes you know you have a shot and trying to reproduce the same results doesn't always work.  But, playing and experimenting with theses type of subtle techniques is what will separate you from mediocre photographers.  In essence you're playing with your vision through experimentation.  I'm never afraid to try new things;  it keeps it "fresh" and also gives the model confidence that you are a pro.


These are the types of tips that I share while shooting with attendees during my events.  There is lots of "one on one time" CLICK HERE FOR  SCHEDULE


CLICK READ MORE for more images and notes


In Search of Gold - Adventure Photography - Lightenupandshoot


About 3 or 4 times a year I like to travel to exotic locations to quench my thirst for adventure and photography.  My trips the past couple of years have taken me to the coast of Ireland, the islands surrounding Hong Kong, the jungles of the Amazon rain forest, the streets of medieval Europe, North American city tours of LA/NYC, and the coffee region of Colombia.  I enjoy traveling in both the budget style of a backpacker and the lifestyle of Robin Leach's rich and famous...but what's most important is fulfilling my vision as a photographer.  


My next Tag Along,  January 2013, will be a luxury excursion in the historic Caribbean city,  Cartagena (beaches, models, island hoping, underwater photography, and rain forest).



 If you want to see the images and read more about the gear used, the techniques to achieve certain looks, and the creative vision behind the Supia adventure click:  READ MORE


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Andrew Litsch on Getting More Contrast w/ Lens-Hoods

Gear: Getting more contrast with a Lens-hood

Miami Workshop Guest Speaker:  Andrew "Drew Blood" Litsch (check out his work)


Lens Hoods (Andrew recommends AGFA 77mm Rubber Lens Hood ($8.00 Amazon)):


I'm constantly evolving and working on my craft. Andrew "Drew Blood" Litsch and I met up in Ft. Lauderdale over the weekend to talk shop and catch up. While we were discussing our favorite lenses, he pointed out that using a lens-hood will give images more contrast. I've never been a big fan of lens-hoods because I often use flare and never really found the need in most instances. I never really thought blocking the available light would bring more contrast, but it makes complete sense to me. I'm sure the pixel peepers will give me a good lashing in the comments below; it just goes to show that even seasoned photographers can learn new tricks (trust me, I have a lot to learn and it's on going process).

I'm jumping on Ebay to purchase a few used hoods for my 50mm 1.4 and 80-200mm 2.8.

Andrew "Drew Blood" Litsch
is going to grace his presence at the Miami workshop March 23-24 (click link for sign space)


The image below was shot without a lens-hood;  it's obvious I wanted flare.  I had to add a lot of contrast to bring out detail to the image.  In fact, most of my available light shots require a lot of contrast and look "flat" before I start playing around in post.  It's just another tip to add to my long list of effects, in this case:  contrast or no contrast?  There is no right or wrong...but it's good to know your options when breaking out the tools needed to get the job done.


Excited to shoot with Andrew end of this month!!!  He's one talented MOFO.


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