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-2 day Tag Along


-manipulating light

-how to pose models



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LA Tag Along limited to 4 photographers: models, models, models

This will fill up fast!!!!!  Details on shooting with me during this unique opportunity or being an assistant click below:

Shoot with Mikey Nov.9-10 in Los Angeles - Lightenupandshoot Tag Along from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.


Lightenupandshoot Tag Along in Los Angeles November 9-10

*How to approach models, communicate, direct and control

*Shoot with me side by side - shooting with your mentor is the BEST way to learn

*Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu locations

*Professional models the first day; second day you will shoot the models you found using my approach



Lightenupandshoot Studio



Photography Lighting - My New Secret Weapon

Photography lighting started to fascinate me after I bought my first digital camera a little over 4 years ago.   At first I mastered small speedlights and learned how to use basic modifiers such as a softbox, gridspot and umbrella which landed me some commercial jobs.  Each job I took on was a new challenge as I improved my technique and would come up with my own tricks to manipulate light.  That initial excitement of experimenting with light is still burning within to this day.   What's new?  Recently I started messing with projections...if you dare, CLICK READ MORE...


Lightenupandshoot Workshop - Two Days at the New Studio:  Approaching Models and Creative Light:  November 2-3 in Tampa Bay.  Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the studio: 727.504.4057


Above:  Sylvia, model from Tampa Bay, who agreed to be my first subject for experimentation of light.


Behind the Scenes NYC (part 1) - The Poser

I've been on the road the past couple of months with my Backpacker Studio Workshop Tour, and while in NYC I had an opportunity to shoot with my friend, Eddie Mozer.   Eddie and I headed to Chinatown with a model and a jazz musician.  READ MORE for the complete skinny on lighting, posing, directing, gear and more!!!


Deadman's (part 1 720) from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.


New York City Jazz Musician - PJ Roberts

Photographer - Mikey

Gear: Nikon D700, 70-200mm 2.8 VRii, Buff Octabox, Orbis Ring Flash


Landscapes and Exercise with the Fuji X100 - Lightenupandshoot Style!


I've been trekking all over Water Island, just a 15 minute ferry ride from St. Thomas, the past week with my Fuji X100.   I've moaned in the past about the X100 is too small to spark my creativity;  but I'm not going to moan about it in this post.  I've discovered I love shooting landscapes with it.  CLICK READ MORE to get my skinny on how the Virgin Islands has inspired me to get into shooting landscapes ... Lightenupandshoot Style!!!!


Photography Tag Along -Engage

What is a Tag Along?  A Tag Along is a photographic adventure; it's not a workshop.  The adventure starts when like minded photographers want to share magic photography moments by meeting at an exotic destination, and then set out on a journey to discover the culture of the area by engaging with the local people.  With my busy schedule I only have the opportunity to organize a Tag Along a couple of times a year.  I've shot with a small group of other photographers in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America. 


A Tag Along is an opportunity for me to shoot for myself and share the magic moments with like minded people.  The select few that have the opportunity to shoot with me on one of these adventures learns by being a part of the entire experience.  You learn my lighting techniques, how to engage with people (and walk away with making new friends along the way), a minimalist approach to gear and shoot as a team.  There is an agenda that I put together, but that agenda may quickly change because of the people we may meet.  The participants and I may decide to change our route because an extraordinary opportunity may arise.  That's part of the beauty behind these Tag Alongs,  it's an organic process.  The lens will often dictate how the adventure unfolds and bring on new experiences that could not have possibly been planned. 


engage - lightenupandshoot colombia tag along from Lightenupandshoot on Vimeo.

Shoot me a line if you're interested in my next Tag Along where I will travel to Cuba.  Enjoy the the video in this post.  Shot primarily with the Fuji X100 from my last Tag Along through the coffee region of Colombia. 


Photography Rules Get Thrown Out the Window

The so called 'Rules' go right out the window when I shoot.  First, it's the experience or engaging with my subject that gets me jazzed about photography. Second, I make decisions about the vibe I want to create in the image while I'm interacting with my subject.  I quickly consider the available light, color and mood on set; the time of day does not matter,  I'm not afraid of shooting at high noon or any time of day for that matter.   I can find something interesting that's happening in the moment to match the vibe I'm looking for.   I don't care about being perfect or following some B.S. rules listed on a flickr group or similar forums.  It's my shot and my artistry...there are no rules.

If you want to dig READ MORE

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